Try upgrading ‘Yourself’ !!

When you are lost deep in meditation; ideas, rather good ideas sprout from within. These are the ones that inspire you, give you the strength and build the will inside you to actually ‘do’ or ‘perform’ !! Well, if you are one of theĀ ‘Meditating’ individuals then I will make perfect sense to you. A few minutes of ‘Meditation’ per day is all that is needed to rejuvenate your mind. Just close your eyes.. and off you go !!!

There is definitely a deep science associated with Meditation. I do not consider myself even remotely close to understand this science, forget talking/ explaining it. Still I always push people to walk the beautiful path of meditation. For the younger generation I say that meditation is “cool”. For the non-younger, or (if I may say) the ‘Wiser’ generation, I humbly say that meditation is the perfect get-away from the daily stressed routine. You do not need to go anywhere else to relax or rejuvenate, if you have tasted the peace-pill that ‘Dhyaan’ or ‘Meditation’ offers…

Meditation is all about experiencing it and very little talking about it. At the very start when we begin to practice it, we find a zillion reasons not to do it. Suddenly all the small things in life (that you would easily ignore any other day) achieve importance, stopping you from boarding this flight !!!

A very funny example could be that any other day you may easily ignore your over-due telephone bill, however while meditating you would feel like paying that bill is the most important thing in your life. You may actually force yourself to get out of ‘Dhyaan’. Instances like these are almost certain to happen.

Well, then all you really need is persistence and a lot of self-discipline. In the beginning, you need to force yourself to practice ‘Sadhana’ daily. Believe me, the mind slowly but definitely accepts this change. I believe this is the point every ‘Sadhaka’ waits for when the mind forgets every other thing and gets hitched to the inner-self. When the minds transcends into divinity (I prefer using ‘divinity’ instead of any other term) feelings of eternal peace dawns upon you. However, the primary intention to pen down these thoughts is not to focus a lot on either the science or the amazing experiences that meditation offers.

Anyways, coming back to the main point, i truly believe that each and every one of us should buckle up and get ready for the ride of our lives called ‘Meditation’. This is the upgrade all of us are waiting for, this is the purpose of life. This is the perfect OS.. it is all there within us, we just need to realize it !!

||Jai Shriram||

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How I met my ‘Satguru’

I guess you must have that passion in your heart, a certain hunger (which only a few might understand), a longing, that feeling of being incomplete, and then finally if your thirst is innocent and honest enough you will meet your sweetest Satguru, your Master. HE will bless you with Anugraha, sow the seeds of the divine ‘Mantra’ deep within you and your Life will literally undergo a ‘Spiritual Upgrade’. Here is a brief story about how i met my Satguru- Shri Shriram Maharaj.

Rolling back in time, I was bent towards spirituality from a very young age. In my teens, I started working with various spiritual organizations, performing Seva. During this time having met a number of Yogis, Bramhacharis, and learned men, I managed to gain tit-bits of spiritual knowledge. Slowly the importance of having a Satguru dawned upon me. Occasionally, I would ask these learned men, with immense love and respect in my heart, “When would I meet my Satguru?”. Everytime I got the same reply, “When you are ready !!”. This answer did not satisfy me as I would often feel that I AM ready !! My impatience was growing, I was not feeling complete. I had NOT received Anugraha yet !! I had NOT met my Satguru yet !!!

I think the passion to meet my sweet sweet Saguru was not unnoticed. After a long wait for almost fifteen years, finally in November of 2011, I met His Holiness Shri Shriram Maharaj. The place was Thane near Mumbai, Maharashtra.

There I was at my home carrying out the daily chores; got up in morning, took bath and performed my pooja (there is this divinity around when you do your pooja early in the morning) and this was followed by a phone call from my mother telling me that Shri Shriram Maharaj would be coming to Mumbai in two days time. I quickly noted down the address and telephone number of the place where Maharaj would be visiting. There was a smile on my face already. For the first time after a long long wait, I felt as if I was very close to my destination. YES ! I was going to meet my sweet sweet sweet Satguru and be HIS disciple. I could already imagine the moment of meeting HIM, He would lovingly whisper the ‘Mantra’ in my ears, the exact same ‘Mantra’ that has been transferred for thousands of years from the Gurus (Masters) to Shishyas (Disciples) and in a single moment all that divine energy would streamline the turbulence of this life.

Although, now, there was the ‘Wait’ for two long days. Each passing moment of time was magnifying itself, as if, trying to tease me… Finally the best day of my life arrived !!I got up early in the morning and wrapped up everything asap, hurried to the station, bought my tickets, and boarded the train. Throughout the journey, my mind was occupied with thoughts of meeting my Satguru, and submitting to HIM. Finally, I arrived at HIS doorsteps.

I could see HIM from a distance. There HE was, sitting on a simple bed, which had attained the grace of Sinhasana. Even from that distance, I could see the divine radiance around my Satguru. As I entered the room, HE looked at me and lovingly smiled. That smile from HIM churned feelings of indescribable divine love in my heart… I had met HIM for the first time in my life, yet I felt such a strong connection with HIM. At once, I bowed down and submitted myself at my Maharaj’s feet. HE was smiling all the time, and asked me my name. My heart was filled, rather over flowing with divine love and respect for my Maharaj.

Then came the moment I was waiting for… Maharaj gave me Anugraha. That moment was serene, beautiful, divine, calm, silent, yet bursting with energy. YES !! It was my re-birth !!! Filled with such high level emotions in my heart, I sat by HIS feet and began ‘Sadhana’. It is very difficult to write the experience I had while sitting there by HIS feetĀ engrossed in Sadhana. There was a meditative silence surrounding me. My eyes were open, I was not meditating, yet an hour seemed like few minutes in that state of mind… I was at peace !!!

This is how Shri Shriram Maharaj lovingly accepted me as HIS disciple. Since then, my life has been in constant remembrance of my Satguru. Whenever I practise my ‘Sadhana’, it is by HIS grace. HIS love flows through me, guiding me through various steps of life…

||Jai Shri Ram||

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